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My primary research interests are lay in areas of Number Theory and Mathematical Analysis, particularly, in Binomial Theorem, Finite differences and derivatives, Pascal's Triangle and Binomial Coefficients. Although, my main education belongs to Marine Engineering, I try my best to write mathematical preprints, you could familiarize with in the next section.

My current research is devoted to generalization of OEIS sequence A287326, that is binomoial distributed triangle that shows perfect cube \(n\), as sum of terms of corresponding row. For now, two analogs for power \(m=5\) and \(m=7\) are known.

Visit our @ResearchGate project related to this problem for most recent updates and progress.

UPDATE (1): Generalization of A287326 is found for each odd power \(2m+1, \ m=0,1,2...\) and shown in arXiv:1603.02468, particularly, our solution is closely related to Faulhaber's formula. OEIS sequences related to arXiv:1603.02468 are A287326, A300656, A300785, A302971, A304042.
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Contributions to On-line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

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Support my research

Dear readers! If you found my research interesting and progressive, you are free to help me by donations. Since mathematics is not my main affiliation, I don't receive any money for my work - I work for idea. I never care about money, but I have to live :) Each collected donation will be spend only to proceed my research without delays.
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